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Visiting the dentist for the first time can be an exciting yet scary time for your child. Knowing what to expect and preparing your child for his or her first visit can ensure they remain calm and that the appointment goes smoothly. We never want a child’s first visit, or any after that, to be traumatic or invoke anxious feelings. Family dentist in Orange City, Dr. Terry Soule, wants to share with parents what they can expect during their child’s first dental visit.

When should my child first visit the dentist?

A lot of people don’t think much about taking their very young child to the dentist unless a problem arises. But, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child to the dentist as early as when their first tooth erupts or by the time they turn one year old. While you might not think that children’s teeth are all that important, after all, they will fall out anyways, primary teeth are essential to a child’s health. So, maintaining regular dental visits is critical!

Preparing your child for the first visit

If your child is very young, like 1-2 years of age, they may not understand what going to the dentist is all about. But, you can help get them excited about their first visit by reading kid-friendly books about going to the dentist and oral care. Also, talk it up while brushing your child’s teeth. You even could bring your child by the office for a quick visit and introduce him or her to the staff. That way, returning for their actual appointment won’t seem so foreign to them. Some parents find that bringing their child with them to their own appointment may help, but use your discretion as you bringing your child to an appointment where you get an injection or have a tooth pulled is likely to only scare them. A simple dental cleaning appointment would be appropriate in most situations.

First visit

Your child’s first visit should be simple and short. The focus of this first visit is to make sure no problems are apparent, clean your child’s baby teeth, and address any oral health concerns that are identified. Bringing your child in for dental visits while they are young hopefully will get them better acquainted with the dentist and what to expect. This way, they are less likely to develop a fear of going to the dentist. During your child’s visit, we may take x-rays so that the dentist can take a look at the developing teeth under the gum line. We also will clean your child’s teeth by gently brushing and flossing his or her teeth. The dentist will conduct an exam by looking at each tooth and making sure there are no issues that need to be addressed.

An additional treatment that may take place is to apply fluoride varnish, with parent approval first, to help protect your child’s baby teeth from developing cavities.

What happens next?

If any concerns are present, the dentist will discuss this with you, and set up an appointment for follow-up care, if necessary. If everything checks out, we will encourage you to continue practicing a good oral health routine with your child, and schedule the next six-month checkup.

Pediatric Dentist in Orange City

We welcome patients of all ages at Terry Soule, DDS. We understand that children can sometimes feel apprehensive about going to the dentist, and we know just how to help them feel at ease. To learn more about our pediatric services or to schedule an appointment, just call Terry Soule, DDS at (386) 775-1552. We welcome patients from DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City, Florida.