Partial Dentures

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A partial denture is an affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth on the same dental arch. Restorative dentist Dr. Terry Soule offers both metal substructure partials, as well as the metal-free variety.

What is a partial denture?

partial dentures

The name says it all; a partial denture is similar to a denture except it does not replace an entire arch of missing teeth. A partial denture can replace one or more teeth on the same dental arch, and usually, other teeth can be added to the partial down the road if another extraction is necessary.

A partial denture clips into place and is held securely in the mouth by small clasps that slide over your existing teeth. A partial with a metal substructure may have metal clasps, while a metal-free partial will have clasps that appear to be a light pink color, blending in with your natural gums. The style of partial that is right for you will depend on your dental needs and aesthetic concerns.

Attached to the partial denture are artificial teeth that mimic the size, shape, and shade of your existing teeth. The partial can easily be removed to be cleaned or to store overnight while sleeping. Partial dentures are a cost-effective option to tooth replacement.

Is a partial denture for me?

If you have missing teeth, especially multiple missing teeth on the same dental arch, then a partial denture may be an option for you. It is quite affordable compared to more permanent options such as dental implants. However, partial dentures may not provide the most natural look and feel as dental implants. While some patients may feel comfortable and secure with a partial denture, others may not. When it comes to deciding whether a partial denture is the right fit for you, consider a consultation with us at Terry Soule, DDS. During this appointment, Dr. Soule will discuss your oral health needs, as well as options available for replacing your missing teeth.

Are partial dentures comfortable?

Since partial dentures are made by taking impressions of the mouth, they generally fit well for most patients. However, over time, your jawbone will recede due to a lack of stimulation that was once provided by the roots of your teeth. Eventually, the partial denture may not fit as snug against the gum line and may need to be remade for a proper fit. Until that point, however, your partial denture should feel comfortable in your mouth. Most patients have a short adjustment period when getting used to their new oral appliance.

Talking and eating may feel different at first, but within a week or so you should feel more confident in your replacement teeth.

Caring for your partial denture

Caring for your partial denture is easy. You should remove and clean it after each meal, and before bed. This is to ensure that food particles do not remain trapped underneath the partial and irritate the gum. Never store your partial denture in excessive heat, and avoid soaking it in hot water as this could warp or damage the partial. Otherwise, a gentle cleaning using your toothbrush and toothpaste should get your partial clean. A denture soak may be used occasionally to remove any buildup.

Partial Dentures in Orange City

If you would like more information about your tooth replacement options or to learn more about partial dentures, please call Terry Soule, DDS, at (386) 775-1552 to schedule a consultation.

Terry Soule, DDS, welcomes patients of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.

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