Why Sugar-Free Sodas aren’t as Healthy as you Think

sugar free soda isnt as healthy as you think

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sugar free soda isnt as healthy as you thinkORANGE CITY AND DELTONA, FL

Sugar-free sodas started appearing in the 1950s and early 1960s, so they have been around for decades. Created as a beverage for those with diabetes, the first successful diet soda drink, Tab, was developed in 1963 by the Coca-Cola company. Now, the most common diet drink available worldwide since 1982 is Diet Coke. Although history is filled with multiple brands and flavors of sugar-free sodas, they are not as healthy as they are cracked up to be, according to scientists.

A regular soda contains more than 200 calories, while a sugar-free soda has only one calorie. Naturally, you would want to drink the diet or sugar-free beverage instead of ingesting a bunch of calories in one drink, especially if you are diabetic or watching your calories. However, studies have shown that even those who drink sugar-free sodas still struggle with health issues, including weight loss. Your dentist in Deltona, Dr. Terry Soule, DDS, is providing some information that shares why sugar-free sodas are not as healthy as you might think.

The Studies

The Imperial College in London conducted a study that states sugar-free sodas are not any better for you than a regular soda. Also, it was discovered that sugar-free sodas could cause weight gain over time, according to a study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health. Finally, another study in the Obesity journal followed 3,700 people over eight years and concluded that those who regularly drank diet soda had the tendency to gain weight. As it makes sense for most people to eat a candy bar because the “calories are washed out” by the lack of calories in the soda, unfortunately, it is not an even exchange and ended up increasing their weight.

Although sugar-free sodas have proven to be unhealthy, they can be helpful. For example, if you have been drinking sugar-filled beverages but would like to cut back or stop drinking soda completely, you could have a diet or “zero” beverage to keep the sugar content to a minimum. Consuming these drinks will give you the satisfaction of soda without the high sugar levels.

Your Teeth

Whether you are drinking a sugar-filled or a sugar-free version, soda is soda. When it comes to your teeth, no matter if the soda is sugar-filled or sugar-free, some damage could be caused to your tooth enamel because of high levels of acid in these beverages. Once the enamel erosion begins, you may notice a heightened sensitivity in your mouth or teeth, particularly when drinking hot or cold beverages. Unfortunately, the damaged enamel could make your teeth more susceptible to cavities and tooth sensitivity if not cared for or monitored by a general dentist in DeBary.

The Substitute

To protect your teeth and maintain a healthy weight, it is highly recommended to stick to drinking water instead of soda. Since the body is mostly made of water, it can provide multiple health benefits. Water will neutralize the pH balance in your mouth, which can help fight off damage-causing bacteria and reduce the amount of acid your teeth are subjected to through your daily diet. Sometimes, water can be too bland of an option for some, so it is alright to have a flavored sugar-free beverage from time to time. Try to avoid sipping on sugary drinks throughout the day as you continuously provide sugar to damage-causing bacteria. If you must have a sugar-filled drink, follow it up with a glass of water to help remove the sugar that is left behind from the beverage. By taking this extra step, you could reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.

General Dentist in DeBary, Orange City, and Deltona

It can be difficult to give up sodas and switch to water. However, when you visit your dentist in Orange City, Dr. Terry Soule, DDS, the difference in your oral health will be noted. If you wonder how much damage has been caused to your teeth because of sodas, contact us today at (386) 775-1552 or schedule an appointment with our highly trained and friendly staff.

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