Whats that Gunk on my Teeth and how do i get rid of it

whats this gunk on my teeth

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whats this gunk on my teethORANGE CITY AND DELTONA, FL

The American Dental Association states that 100 million Americans do not see the dentist on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not visiting the dentist can cause dangerous oral hygiene problems that may result in emergency situations. The problems begin with the presence of plaque and tartar that has formed on your teeth. If it is not removed, it can cause cavities and more dangerous situations like gingivitis or tooth loss. So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s that gunk on your teeth and how to get rid of it, then today’s blog is for you!


Plaque is created on your teeth as a result of food debris. It is known as biofilm, which is difficult to see, although it makes your teeth feel grimy or fuzzy. Food that you consume fuels the bacteria, which, in turn, secretes acids on your teeth that result in tooth decay. Although food is the main cause, sugar is the worst culprit. When sugar is ingested and left on your teeth and gums, the bacteria in your mouth feed on it, creating more oral health problems. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth, plaque hardens into tartar, which only can be removed by a professional dental cleaning.


  • Brush and Floss Regularly: The easiest way to ensure the plaque is removed, and to minimize tartar build-up is to brush and floss regularly. By following this oral hygiene regimen, you can remove most of the plaque and reduce tartar build-up.
  • Pick the Right Products: Choose the type of toothbrush that fits your oral health needs. When looking for the right toothpaste, mainly look for the two ingredients, pyrophosphate and fluoride.
  • Exams and Cleanings: Since our mouths naturally harbor bacteria, it is important to see Terry Soule, DDS, for an exam and professional cleaning twice a year. During the exam process, the dentist will look for any signs of possible infection or cavities. If it has been a long time since you had a professional cleaning, the dentist will recommend it to make sure the built-up tartar is removed to prevent any further damage to your oral health.
  • Consume Less Sugar: Sugar fuels the bacteria in your mouth, which results in more damage to your teeth. Sweet treats, sodas, and juices include high levels of sugar and should be limited or avoided if possible. When you consume a lot of sugar, oral bacteria work even harder and faster at secrete harmful acids that erode your dental enamel and lead to cavities. Instead of reaching for a soda, grab some water to quench your thirst. It will help reduce the damage-causing bacteria in your mouth and be better for your waistline as well.

By taking the steps needed to establish a good oral hygiene practice, you can dramatically reduce the amount of damage that occurs to our teeth. Brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and visiting Terry Soule, DDS, for regular dental exams and cleanings will keep your teeth healthy and increase your confidence. Call today at (321) 233-2213 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients of DeBary, Deltona, or Orange City.

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