Non-Surgical and Laser Periodontal Treatment

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The advent of laser technology in dentistry is one of the most significant advances in the field in recent years. By using our precise dental laser, your Deltona dentist Dr. Terry Soule can complete any soft-tissue procedure more quickly and precisely, while also maximizing the comfort and convenience for our patients. This includes treatment of periodontal disease—also known as gum disease, which stems from a bacterial infection of the gums and can lead to a host of other problems including tooth loss.

How does laser perio therapy work?

Laser perio (or periodontal) therapy is a non-surgical means of removing infected gum tissue in a patient with gum disease. This treatment accomplishes the same goal that previously was achieved by traditional gum surgery—a lengthy, intensive, and often painful procedure that required removing the infected tissue through the use of a scalpel that made incisions into the gums, and sutures to close up the wound.

By using our dental laser, the infected gum tissue and the bacteria that are causing the infection are vaporized. We also can use laser therapy to clear out bacteria from the pockets that form between the teeth and gums during the stage of periodontitis, which is the advanced stage of gum disease.

The advantages of laser therapy

periodontal treatment

Our dental laser is much more precise than any scalpel, even one used by the most well-trained and experienced oral surgeons. The laser can make incisions that are mere nanometers deep. Thanks to this enhanced precision, the infected tissue can be targeted directly, leaving behind a greater quantity of the healthy gum tissue, and thus making it easier for your gums to heal from the procedure.

A laser treatment can be completed in a matter of minutes, a fraction of the time that would be needed to perform the same procedure as a traditional gum surgery. When you undergo laser perio therapy, it is a fast and easy procedure. Because laser therapy is completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional gum surgery, it means your appointment takes less time, allowing you to get on with your busy schedule.

Other advantages of laser perio therapy include:

  • Minimal bleeding – The laser instantly cauterizes any incision that is made, which means there is no need for stitches or sutures. This cauterization also makes laser perio therapy ideal for patients who are taking blood thinners or have a pre-existing condition such as hemophilia.
  • Shorter recovery time – You should be able to resume your normal routine the day after a laser perio procedure.
  • Less risk of exposure of, or damage to, the tooth roots.

Laser gum treatment in Orange City

Gum disease represents a serious threat to your oral health and even can jeopardize your overall health. Research conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology determined that individuals with gum disease have nearly twice the risk factor of developing heart disease, as the bacteria from the infected gums filters into the bloodstream.

Gum disease is not a problem that will go away on its own

The majority of people living with gum disease go untreated, but failing to seek treatment is the worst thing you can do for your health. Dr. Soule has the experience and training you want to treat gum disease in any stage, and these treatments are more convenient than ever by using dental laser technology. To learn more about how Terry Soule, DDS, treats gum disease, contact our office by calling (386) 775-1552.

Terry Soule, DDS, is proud to serve patients in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.

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