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Bruxism affects between 10 and 15 percent of the American population. It can destroy your teeth. And, many people engage in the behavior without even realizing it.

Also known as teeth clenching and grinding, bruxism can destroy your teeth. If you are grinding your teeth, then your Orange City family dentist Terry Soule, DDS, can protect your mouth from potentially catastrophic damage by providing a custom-made mouth guard.

Know the dangers of bruxism

mouthguardsBruxism exerts extreme amounts of additional force on your teeth—as much as 600 pounds per square inch, which certainly is not healthy for your teeth. Our teeth are designed to handle quite a bit of force, but not that much.

The American Sleep Association estimates that up to 10 percent of all adults and 15 percent of children in the United States may suffer from some form of bruxism. That adds up to more than 30 million people. Moreover, consider that as many as 10 percent of people with severe, untreated bruxism actually grind down all their teeth to nubs—requiring full-mouth reconstruction. That adds up to about 3 million individuals who have their mouths devastated by this behavior.

Despite the seriousness of bruxism, many patients who engage in the habit do so unconsciously, while they sleep. The most common causes of bruxism are anxiety and stress, but the habit also can manifest due to a misaligned bite. The cause of each case of bruxism may vary, but the most important factor is to get treatment to prevent damage being done to your teeth.

Treating bruxism in Orange City 

Dr. Terry Soule can relieve bruxism and protect your mouth from catastrophic damage by prescribing a customized, high-quality mouth guard. This guard may look like the mouthpieces and night guards you can buy in stores. However, Terry Soule, DDS, makes all his mouth guards from the finest materials available. They are durable, effective and made to fit as securely and comfortably as possible—your mouth guard will be made by using impressions of your mouth. While mouth guards do not stop the teeth clenching and grinding behavior, it will protect your teeth from sustaining any additional damage.

How to tell if you have bruxism

The only way to know for sure if you have bruxism is to receive a consultation with Dr. Soule. However, keep an eye out for some of these common symptoms related to bruxism.

Symptoms of bruxism include:

  • Unexplained jaw soreness
  • Pain in the mouth that appears to migrate to different locations with no apparent rhyme or reason
  • Uneven tooth wear
  • Dental restorations that are beginning to crack and fail
  • Enhanced sensitivity in teeth or tooth pain
  • Tongue indentations

Your partner also may have noticed that you clench and grind your teeth while you sleep, as it typically emits a noticeable sound. If this is happening to you or you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, schedule a consultation with Terry Soule, DDS, today by calling (386) 775-1552.

Terry Soule, DDS, provides comprehensive oral health care services to patients in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.

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