faq about mini dental implants

Orange City and Deltona, FL

Are you living with missing teeth? If so, you may have heard about dental implants and their advantages. However, there’s another option in implant dentistry called a mini implant. Terry Soule, DDS, wants to provide you with more information regarding this method of tooth replacement.

Here are four common questions with answers about mini implants we frequently receive from our patients in Orange City:

  1. What are mini dental implants?

A mini implant is just another type of dental implant. Any dental implant is an individual titanium post that is set into the jawbone; it’s used to stabilize dentures or to replace a single lost tooth. The head of the implant is ball-like in appearance. It will fit snugly with a fixture that we install into your denture or replacement tooth. The difference between a mini implant and the traditional dental implant is the size of the titanium fixture set into the jawbone. Mini implants are smaller than traditional implants. Once the procedure is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of a restored smile with your permanent dental implant.

  1. What is the procedure like?

First, Dr. Soule and his team of oral health professionals in Orange City will administer local anesthesia. This is used to prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The standard for dental implementation is that one to four mini implants, based upon the type of tooth being replaced, will be inserted into the jawbone. If multiple dental implants are used, then they will be placed roughly five millimeters apart. This can be completed in one to two visits. Finally, we will fit your tooth replacement, such as a denture, and you’ll be set. It is a reasonably painless and non-invasive procedure.

  1. How do I know if mini implants are right for me? 

The best way to know is to come and see us for a consultation. Dr. Soule can meet with you and help you decide what your options are. However, some general standards are that you must be healthy enough to have a tooth extracted. Good health and a normal jaw bone are what we look for first, but many people who are not good candidates for standard implants due to bone loss still can receive mini implants, due to their smaller size. Teeth may have been lost from trauma, disease, or decay. We often ask patients that smoke to consider quitting since smokers are more likely to experience dental implant failure. This is because smoking hinders blood circulation, making it harder for you to heal. Dental hygiene is a huge factor in your implant’s success, but it is never too late to start practicing good oral hygiene habits. We do not want you to be afraid to come in no matter your age, dental issue, or your general health. Terry Soule, DDS can consult with you and help you find out what your best option is to replace your missing teeth.

  1. Will my mini implants look natural?

The only part of the implant that will be visible is the tooth replacement unit, which will look completely natural. We offer mini implants in the restoration of a single tooth, multiple replacement teeth, permanent bridges, and dentures.

Get dental implants in Orange City

Dental implants are FDA approved and have been successfully used in the United States for 30 years. Dr. Terry Soule has had over a decade of success installing implants and mini implants to replace missing teeth. No matter which implant you choose, these titanium alloy implants are the finest tooth replacement treatment available today. Our motto is “Trust & Satisfaction” so, you can trust that if you’re located in the DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City, FL, area that Dr. Terry Soule is the doctor who can satisfy your needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at (386) 775-1552.