New to Orange City? Here’s how to find a New Dentist

how to find a new dentist

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how to find a new dentistORANGE CITY AND DELTONA, FL

Orange City is known as “The Heart of Southwest Volusia.” Part of the Deltona-Daytona-Ormond Beach metropolis, we proudly a small-town atmosphere with the luxuries of urban areas. If you just arrived in the area, you probably had to deal with all of the normal struggles of moving: packing, unpacking, loading vehicles, saying goodbye to friends and family in your previous area of residence, and so on. However, there’s one thing people don’t always think about. Who will be your dentist once you move?

At Terry Soule, DDS, we want to help you find the right provider for you and your loved ones’ dental needs. That’s why we put together a list with helpful tips for finding your new dentist if you just moved to Orange City.


  • Professional Referral: Your current dentist may have recommendations for a dentist in that area. Maybe your most recent dentist has contacts in that area or can use their professional network to find a possible provider. Either way, involving your current dentist is a good idea because they know your dental history and current needs in a way that can help you find the perfect fit.
  • Personal Recommendations: Your family, friends, and coworkers are a great resource when seeking any type of professional service in your new home. These people already know you and can help you by sharing their own past personal experiences.
  • Online Reviews: Maybe you don’t have a lot of existing friends and families in your new hometown. The opinions of likeminded individuals can be found online. Internet reviews of a dental practice can help you focus on things that are important to you before committing to a particular general dentist in DeBary.
  • Certifications: Finding ADA (American Dental Association) certificates are easy to do online. With a quick check, you can make sure your prospective dentist is up-to-date in the field and runs a legal, sanctioned practice.
  • Emergency Dental Care: No one plans on experiencing a dental emergency, but you definitely want to have the right dentist on speed dial when you do. Not all dentists are available for after-hours care. However, Dr. Terry Soule offers emergency dental care in Orange City for toothaches, dental pain, broken teeth, avulsed (knocked out), or other dental concerns that cannot wait until normal business hours.
  • Payment: You need to make sure that your dentist can accept your insurance or whatever type of payment option you plan on using.


Finding the right dentist to care for you and your family is not an easy decision to make. Searching through all the countless ads and web pages can be confusing. At Terry Soule, DDS, our team has worked hard to create a practice that meets the needs of all patients. We accept several different major dental plans, as well as cash, checks, and most major credit cards. Plus, we have a special offer for new patients: For $89, you can have an exam, X-ray, and follow-up consultation. Our motto is “Trust & Satisfaction.” You can trust that if you’re located in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City, FL, Dr. Terry Soule is the dentist who can satisfy your oral care needs. Contact us today at (321-233-2213 to schedule your appointment and take advantage of our new patient offer.

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