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Do you feel nervous at the prospect of going to the dentist? What if the cause of your nervousness stems not from any procedure that may happen during the appointment, but instead comes from the prospect of paying for the visit? Your Orange City dentist at Terry Soule, DDS, believes that finances never should be the determining factor in the level of care you seek.

Dental insurance plans typically just cover what is considered to be the bare minimum of needed care 

Insurance companies whose main priority is to make a profit construct insurance policies. Insurance companies employ analysts who determine possible risks, and the estimated cost of those risks, and use that information to form coverage plans that balance the expected costs against the quality of the coverage provided. Many times, with respect to dentistry, anything outside of what would be considered the bare minimum of care may be considered to be elective or not needed. This usually applies to procedures in the areas of cosmetic dentistry or preventive care.

While many dental insurance policies may not cover the cost of a preventive procedure, even paying for these procedures out of pocket actually might save you money in the long run. Preventive care is intended to detect changes and potential problems with your oral health. This early detection usually means a less intensive—and less costly—procedure to correct the problem. For example, paying to have a set of X-rays taken may seem like an extra unnecessary expense but it will be more pleasant, and less pricey, than having a crown installed to restore a badly damaged tooth that could have been easily filled with a small filling when the damage first appeared.

We work with several major dental insurance plans, but accept several other forms of payment

The office of Terry Soule, DDS, accepts payment in the form of cash, check, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We also offer special financing plans through either CareCredit or Lending USA. These third-party companies pay for the dental care you desire or need with a line of pre-approved credit. You then make payments on your balance, which usually are small enough to fit into almost any budget. Depending on certain factors such as your income and credit history, you might actually be able to qualify for interest-free financing.

When we are determining the cost of any treatment, a member of our staff will sit down with you to discuss your specific oral health needs or goals. Using that information, a treatment plan will be composed that is tailored to your needs, schedule, and finances. With this plan in place, you will be aware at every step of the process of any of the costs involved in any procedure that you receive at Terry Soule, DDS. We also can connect you with our third-party financing partners such as CareCredit or Lending USA at this time.

For more information on the dental insurance plans that we accept or any other information about our payment options, call the office of Terry Soule, DDS, at (386) 775-1552.

Terry Soule, DDS, is proud to serve the oral health needs of patients in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City, Florida.