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Dental fillings are a way to repair cavities. For decades, dentists have used metal fillings known as amalgam or what most people commonly know as silver fillings. These fillings were so prevalent in years past that many adults have them in their teeth still today, and you may be one of them.

While metal fillings do the job, are they the best and the safest restoration to repair cavities? Family dentist, Terry Soule, DDS, has five reasons why you should ask your dentist about metal-free fillings. Whether you are looking to get a cavity fixed in Orange City, or want to replace your metal fillings in DeBary, you can learn why metal-free fillings are the best choice.

At, Terry Soule, DDS, our metal-free fillings consist of a composite resin that is available in various shades of tooth color, so we are sure to find a shade that blends in seamlessly with your smile. Here’s why you will want a composite filling the next time you need a cavity repaired.

Composite bonds better to the tooth

Composite fillings are bonded to the tooth and then cured. This makes for a tight seal, one that won’t leak and is less likely to cause recurrent tooth decay in the future, unlike metal fillings that are notorious for leaking.

Composite fillings don’t cause tooth sensitivity

Since metal fillings are made of metal, they conduct heat and cold very easily, which means tooth sensitivity is more likely. However, composite fillings do not react the same to temperature changes in the mouth, so patients are less likely to experience those zings of tooth pain when eating and drinking.

Composite is safe and biocompatible

The composite resin material that we use at Terry Soule, DDS, is safe and biocompatible because they do not contain mercury, unlike amalgam fillings do. Mercury has been found to be harmful to humans, animals, and our environment. According to the World Health Organization, dental amalgam is responsible for more than half of the mercury toxicity in our environment! So, when you choose a metal-free filling, you not only are protecting your health and safety but the environment as well.

Metal-free fillings look beautiful

Have you ever seen someone who has metal fillings in their back teeth? It’s usually obvious when they smile widely or let out a big laugh with their mouth open. You may even experience this yourself. Metal fillings just don’t look good and can cause tooth tattooing, which means they cause the tooth to become gray and dingy. On the other hand, metal-free fillings can be chosen in a shade that matches your tooth perfectly – no one will ever know you have them!

Metal-Free Fillings in DeBary

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