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Good oral health begins with practicing good oral hygiene at home and having regular checkups and cleanings. To help catch potential problems before they get worse, it’s recommended to see your dentist at least once every six months.

Based on your oral care from the time your first tooth comes in as a baby, your teeth will move and develop accordingly. If you fail to develop good oral hygiene, tooth decay can easily begin and potentially cause infections and sometimes irreversible damage to your teeth, gums, and jawbone. But, how do you know when a tooth is beyond repair or too far gone? Family dentist in Orange City, Dr. Terry Soule, wants to share with you three signs that a problem tooth needs to be pulled.

What Are the Signs That a Tooth Needs to Be Pulled?

For the most part, people know how to have good oral health by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. They also understand the importance of regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings in order to prevent any additional damage. During these appointments is when problems are often uncovered, and the dentist can pull or fix any teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken, infected, overcrowded, or impacted.

  1. A tooth is impacted or causing overcrowding

An impacted tooth is one that develops fully but never erupts from the gumline. This often is the case with wisdom teeth, which is why they need to be removed by a dental professional. If ignored, the impacted teeth will begin exerting pressure on the surrounding teeth, causing pain and crowding. Your dentist may need to remove the wisdom teeth for your comfort and to provide more space for the other teeth. If a patient needs braces, a dentist may remove a few teeth to provide room for other teeth to be straightened.

  1. When a tooth is damaged beyond repair

While most teeth can be repaired, like when a tooth becomes chipped, breaks, or has a crack in it. However, there are some cases when the damage is too severe, and the tooth must be extracted. For example, if a patient fails to take care of their teeth, decay will set in, and damage will ensue. When the decay begins and is not monitored, it can create an infection and will, therefore, need to be removed unless a root canal treatment is performed.

  1. A tooth gets an infection

Once the decay reaches the tooth’s pulp, it can be very dangerous if the pulp becomes infected because it can easily spread to other areas of the body, like the brain or heart. Most dentists recommend a root canal for treatment, but even sometimes, a root canal will not clear the infection. At that time, the dentist will more than likely recommend extracting the tooth.

If there is any potential risk for an infection, the dentist may choose to go ahead and remove the tooth. For example, if a patient is currently undergoing chemotherapy, their immune system is not as healthy, and their body will not be able to fight the infection properly. This could also be the case if you are an elderly person. The dentist will more than likely choose to extract the tooth to avoid any additional risk to the patient’s oral health.

What to Expect Before a Tooth Extraction

During a regular examination, your Orange City general dentist will take X-rays of the infected area so they can learn more about how to carefully remove the tooth. If your tooth is impacted, the dentist may need to make an incision in the gum tissue around the tooth to fully access it. Then, they may cut the tooth into sections for easier removal. After using forceps to remove all pieces of the tooth, your dentist may or may not need to stitch the gum area. Once everything is completed, your post-operative care will be critical to keeping the gum tissue healthy, so make every effort to follow your post-op care guide provided to you at the conclusion of your appointment.

Get a Tooth Extracted in Orange City

To find out if the symptoms you, your spouse, or a family member needs urgent dental care or an extraction, please feel free to call Terry Soule, DDS today at (386) 775-1552, to find out about current tooth extraction promotions and schedule an appointment. Terry Soule, DDS, also offers emergency dental care to the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.