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If you become sick or develop some other problem with your health, then obtaining an early diagnosis and prompt treatment is key. The same logic applies to an issue with your dental health. One of the best ways to protect yourself against problems with your teeth and mouth is to receive routine examinations from an experienced and well-trained dentist in Orange City like Terry Soule, DDS.

What can I expect from an oral exam?

Dr. Soule schedules an oral examination as part of any regular check-up appointment.

dental exam

During this evaluation, he will look for changes in your oral health that can be indicators of any of the following issues:

The American Dental Association recommends you have a dental check-up every six months. Having exams at these regular intervals will make it even easier for your dentist to identify any drastic changes in your oral health. These check-up appointments should include an exam and a professional dental cleaning, where one of our courteous and professional Deltona dental hygienists will remove all the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Our oral exams also may include a full set of X-rays, which provide a view of what is happening under your gum line and between your teeth – areas that cannot be seen otherwise. Terry Soule, DDS, uses digital X-ray technology, which produces clear and precise images while maximizing comfort for our patients and exposing them to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Dental X-rays are generally recommended once a year, or any time you have a problem tooth that needs further investigation.

Learn more about how we use state-of-the-art technology in our Orange City office.

Why are regular dental exams important?

According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2015, approximately one-third of American adults did not visit the dentist within the previous calendar year. Failing to maintain a regular schedule of dental visits puts you at greater risk of cavities and gum disease, but did you know that neglecting your dentist also could threaten your health?

For example, if you suffer from gum disease and it goes untreated, your risk of heart disease increases by a significant degree. Recent research conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology determined that patients suffering from gum disease were twice as susceptible to develop cardiac problems. Gum disease also can increase your risk of diabetes, as the bacteria in the mouth spread, causing inflammation throughout the body, making it more difficult for your system to flush excess sugar from the blood supply.

Even your brain health can be at risk. A study that was completed in Great Britain found that patients suffering from both Alzheimer’s disease and gum disease experienced cognitive decline six times faster than individuals who had Alzheimer’s but did not have gum disease.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Orange City

You can trust Terry Soule, DDS, to perform a thorough examination of your oral health at each of your regular check-ups. To learn more about Dr. Soule or the treatments offered at our practice, give us a call at (321) 233-2213 to schedule an appointment.

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