Dental Bonding

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Are you looking to improve the appearance of your teeth? Consider a cosmetic bonding treatment from your Orange City cosmetic dentist at Terry Soule, DDS. A bonding procedure is one of the most convenient, versatile, and cost-effective procedures in all of cosmetic dentistry.

Versatility is one of the greatest assets of a bonding procedure

A cosmetic bonding procedure can correct a variety of small imperfections in teeth, and often achieves this goal in just a single treatment.

Cosmetic bonding treatments can correct the following flaws:

  • Small chips, breaks, or fractures
  • Improving the appearance of teeth that are short, twisted or misshapen
  • Teeth that have discoloration that does not respond to professional whitening treatments
  • Concealing an unwanted space or gap between two teeth
  • Protecting tooth roots that have become exposed due to receding gums

What can I expect during a bonding treatment?

A bonding treatment involves using a tooth-colored material known as composite resin. Your Deltona cosmetic dentist, Dr. Terry Soule, may remove a small portion of the surface structure of the tooth or teeth being treated. This process helps create a strong bond for the material. After the application of a bonding agent, the resin is placed onto your teeth, then hardened under a special ultraviolet light. A final shape and polish will have your bonded tooth looking completely natural.

Advantages of Cosmetic Bonding

A bonding treatment can accomplish many of the same aesthetic objectives as the installation of veneers. Why do people choose to have a bonding treatment instead? One of the main reasons is that a bonding treatment is considerably less expensive than receiving veneers, which often are made with dental porcelain—a beautiful but costly material. 

Bonding also is more convenient. It can be completed in a single appointment at our Orange City office, whereas receiving porcelain veneers will entail two separate visits to complete the procedure. Speak with Dr. Soule during your consultation to determine which cosmetic procedure is best for you.

How long will a cosmetic bonding treatment last?

No cosmetic dentistry treatment is permanent. A bonding procedure can remain effective anywhere from 3-10 years. You can take measures to prolong the effective lifespan of a bonding procedure. Maintain a good regimen of dental hygiene: brush twice per day, floss daily, and maintain a regular schedule of dental visits every six months for a check-up that includes a professional dental cleaning and an examination of your teeth and mouth.

Cosmetic Bonding in Orange City

It is important to choose the right dentist to complete a bonding treatment. You want a dentist who has the technical knowledge and practical experience performing the procedure, but also has the artistic sense needed to sculpt the resin properly to improve the shape of your teeth, while also tailoring the color of the resin to match your other healthy teeth. Dr. Soule has the experience and aesthetic eye you want to complete a bonding procedure with beautiful results.

If you are interested in finding out more about cosmetic bonding, contact our Orange City office at (386) 775-1552 to schedule a consultation.

Terry Soule, DDS, is proud to serve patients in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.

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