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smile ready

Orange City and Deltona, FL

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. You know what that means… event season is back. Whether it is a wedding, a graduation ceremony, a party or a vacation, you can bet that plenty of pictures probably will be taken. When the camera comes out, or it’s time for that selfie, you might be nervous to show your smile if you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth. Does this sound like you? If so, consider cosmetic dentistry. This is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on correcting and improving the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. Read on to see how Terry Soule, DDS, can use cosmetic dentistry in Orange City to make a big difference in the appearance of your smile—just in time for event season.

Teeth Whitening

There’s a reason why teeth whitening is the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. A single treatment can brighten the visible surfaces of your teeth by several shades, making an immediate and dramatic difference in the way your smile looks. Whitening also is extremely convenient; the procedure can be completed in about an hour. At Terry Soule, DDS, our professional strength whitening gel is more powerful than the active agents in any over-the-counter whitening kit, oral rinse, or toothpaste. While you still may need touch-ups occasionally, you will get far better results with our whitening treatments than with anything you could use over-the-counter.

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a versatile, economical, and convenient way to improve the appearance of your teeth. Able to be performed in a single appointment, a bonding procedure involves placing a tooth-colored composite resin onto the tooth or teeth being treated. The resin then is hardened under a special ultraviolet light. A single bonding treatment simultaneously can correct an assortment of aesthetic flaws, including small chips and fractures in teeth, correcting teeth that appear misshapen or are of different sizes, covering an unwanted gap between two teeth (especially the two front teeth), or as a means of treating areas of discoloration that have been resistant to teeth whitening procedures.


Having a tooth that has sustained serious damage due to decay or an injury can be uncomfortable. It also can make you feel embarrassed about that tooth and its effect on your smile. Dr. Soule can repair the damage and have your tooth looking perfect again by replacing the entire exterior with a dental crown.  All of the crowns used at Terry Soule, DDS, are made of dental porcelain, a beautiful material that is stain-resistant, translucent in a similar manner to real tooth enamel, and can be matched to the shade of your other healthy teeth. If you are interested in receiving a crown, you should plan for at least two appointments at our Orange City office, usually scheduled at least a couple of weeks apart.


Made of the same dental porcelain used in our crown procedures, veneers remain a tried-and-true means of improving smiles. Veneers can resolve many of the same issues as bonding. However, veneers will last longer than a bonding treatment, although it does require two separate appointments to complete any veneer procedure. Used in combination with crowns, Dr. Soule also can create the appearance of straighter, perfectly-aligned teeth for patients who have crooked teeth. This procedure is known as “instant orthodontics.”

Cosmetic Dentistry in Orange City

You can trust Dr. Soule and his team of professionals to have your smile looking its best. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services and schedule your initial consultation today by calling (386) 785-1552 if you are in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City in Florida.

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