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If you have gum disease, your oral health and your overall health are at risk for various ailments and other diseases. Gum disease can result in the loss of teeth, jawbone, and even prevent you from getting the nutrition that you need. Plus, the excessive buildup of plaque and tartar due to poor oral hygiene increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes as the harmful bacteria enter your bloodstream.

About half of adults in America have gum disease. If you have gum disease, it is essential for the health of your teeth, and body that you seek diagnosis and follow through with treatment right away to decrease your risk of these health ailments. At Terry Soule, DDS, we offer Arestin as part of our program of care for treating gum disease.

What is Arestin and how does it work?

Arestin is an antibiotic in powder form that is applied directly between your gums and teeth. When gum disease is present, it often creates periodontal pockets where the gums separate from the roots of the teeth. It’s inside of these pockets that we apply Arestin, and where it remains active at fighting infection for up to three weeks.

Your Orange City dentist Dr. Soule may recommend Arestin as part of your program of care for gum disease treatment. It most often is used in combination with repetitive treatments or deep cleanings where harmful bacteria is manually removed from your teeth and gum area by way of a dental deep cleaning.

Arestin may also be prescribed as a preventive measure for individuals who bear a higher risk of developing gum disease such as those with diabetes or pregnant women.

How effective is Arestin?

Research concludes that the application of Arestin, when used in conjunction with other gum disease treatments such as repetitive therapy, significantly decreases the occurrence of the disease and its symptoms. When it comes to treating gum disease, the earlier you start, the better the outcome. Plus, adding this effective treatment will enhance your outcome.

How does Arestin work?

Once applied to your gums, the medication works continually as it kills bacteria in those hard to reach areas of the mouth such as inside of the periodontal pockets. Arestin is simple to apply and takes only minutes. It also helps reduce bleeding of the gums and decreases inflammation, both of which are caused by untreated gum disease.

Remember that gum disease is a serious ailment that should be treated right away. Waiting or ignoring the problem will only allow it to progress and worsen. If you experience sore, bleeding, or inflamed gums, get an evaluation by your Orange City dentist immediately. If you already have suffered the devastating effects of gum disease such as receding gums and tooth loss, Dr. Soule can work with you to stop your gum disease, and then derive a treatment plan to rejuvenate your smile.

To learn more about Arestin, or the other ways we treat gum disease, please contact Terry Soule, DDS, by calling (386) 775-1552 to schedule a consultation.

Terry Soule, DDS, offers an array of periodontal treatments to patients in the areas of DeBary, Deltona, and Orange City.

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